… is the gift that keeps on giving.

Swear to God if you know where to look, youtube continues to be the most undeniably incredible porthole to a world so marvellously weird that the thought some apocalypse might one day bring about its extinction scares me on behalf of my futuristic brothers and sisters more than the apocalypse itself.

I can’t seem to get over my obsession with this video. I’ve tried.

smart ass spelling bee winner

So much about this is just golden. It’s fair to say the kid is definitely paddling around in the shallow end of the autism pool, which is not something to laugh at. But he just wiped the floor at the national spelling bee championships, and now he’s on CNN.

Our man Evan is bathing in the limelight, so I’ll take some shots at him with a clear conscience. But the other stuff. The news presenter trying so nobly to keep the momentum of the interview going. His expressions. The dramatic pauses. His gargling. The tuna sandwich. The spelling of the w-o-r-d. The respelling of the w-o-r-d. S-c-o-m-b-u-r-r-d-e-y. Is that Latin? Someone help me up off the floor.

And here’s where the real substance of YouTube comes in.

The comments section.

Check out Chen coming straight out of leftfield with some savagery.

And my absolute favourite.

YouTube. You and me buddy. Always.