Dropthebeatonit began as some pre-instagram clamour for attention. I’d post some cool video or quotation or half-baked insight and the net would go wild. With time the posts evolved into paragraphs, then into commentaries, and into what they are now. I had a thought once that what I was really after was a machine to feed the yarn of my brain into, and a little button on the side to press down on, and after some whirring and clanking, out the other end, neatly packaged, would appear precisely the thing I’d wanted to express, but had no idea how to give form to. A few years on, I understood dropthebeatonit was the machine. I continue to load it up and press down on the little button and hear it clank and whirr and see what comes out. I have been published by Medium, Boneshaker, Vice, The Guardian, among others. I live in London.

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