Jazz Apples 1/2 Dozen

A partnership with two orchards in Somerset produce this unique Jazz Akana hybrid. Midrange tartness, high juice and a playful crunch.


Kaolin Porcelain Espresso Cup

A Tuscan hilltop, the dawn mists shroud the pinetops and the smell of ground arabica hangs in the air.


DTBOI Stationery Set

Deck yourself out with this limited edition 350gsm matt-finished party set.

£21 (variety pack)

DTBOI Sunflowers

A freshly natured-up collab with a nursery from Haarlem, this Helianuthus hybrid is infused with DMT. Get high off your own supply.

£21 a stem

Winter Socks

Woven by hand in the villages of upper Silesia from the wool of the Czech mountain ewe, these socks blend style and practicality. A winter gift of note.


Stainless Steel Coffee Tamper

A collaboration with La Casa Del Caffè Taza D’oro in Rome. Superb for pristine crema when you’re after the high bar pick up morning ristretto.


Pestle & Mortar

Lathe-hollowed rose granite from Aswan, & ridged indentation suited to spice rubs and marinades.


Signed Photograph

For the female fanbase, a 9 by 6” glossy of the author deep in thought. Bespoke sizes available.

£32 (frame not incl)

Peruvian Hand Tambor

Get waning after-parties back up to speed with some spontaneous pocket percussion, stretched alpaca skin and sanded cactus root.


DTBOI x Supreme Water Bottle

Dangerously limited edition collab. Hold that H20 with heavy flow. Run of 25.


DTBOI Fridge Magnet

Make something cool even cooler. Magnetise the vicinity with this ice-fresco Wild Style fridge freshness.


DTBOI ‘future-themed’ Scented Candle

Spark the flame of hopes and dreams with this lavish scented mood stabiliser. Made from papyrus and Soy wax.


Eritrean Salad Spoons

Carved by the Afar tribe in a one-off collab with DTBOI, sublime with ruccola and raddichio.


Bucolic Andean Miniatures

Hewn from the cardón of the Andean altiplano at 4,500m, a scene of particular beauty and peace.


Brass Nickel Roll Dispenser

A consumate mahogany GWR DTBOI dyptich with original markings (compliment with DTBOI signature loo roll).


2,000 year old Birch Stick

A fossilised museum piece from the pebbled shores of the North Atlantic, history in the palm of your hand.


Acrylic Turntable Mat

Treat that freshly pressed wax to a liaison dangereuse with this light fuchsia slipmat de rigueur (turntable not incl.)


Gaucho Blade

Smelted from the silver of Potosí, this stylish cuchillo is just the ticket for dicing up chimuchurri or slicing up suckling lechón.


DTBOI Towell/Towelette duet

Woven from Algerian cotton, ivory white fibres for post-bath style-friendly dehumidification.


18-carat gold crucifix

Keep the Lord in touching distance with this distinguished pendant smelted from rose gold.


Hungarian Soup Spoon

Hand-hewn from the cutleaf weeping European birch by a family of blind artisans, an ornament that exudes both history and tragedy.


Alpha Amber Glass Bottle w Pipette

For tinctures of all viscosities, ft. innovative pipette design using vetro veneziano blown in Murano.


Highland Cattle Lock

Breathe in the lure of the Moors with this outlandishly original rusted rugged key to the natural world.


Cherubino di Amore

Fashioned from Carrara Marmo Bianco in the image of the author not yet six, a timestamp of unmitigated beauty.


24 carat Cheese Grater

Dice up your Parmigiano Regianno at the dinner table with a touch of sophistication.


Paysan Sack

OG 17th century throwback, a one of a kind hold-all for grains, coins, field notes and sonnets.


Soap Tray

Furrowed from Calabrian limestone, a restroom artefact for the everyman and woman, compliment with DTBOI Parfum de Mémoire scented soap.


Kuumu Basket

Tastefully strung hold-all from the foothills of the Ruwenzori mountains of the Congo, complete the purchase with limited edition DTBOI loo-roll.


Ancient Norman Log

A unique objét d’art from the north of the continent. Throw your xenophobia to the dogs with this paperweight of nuance.


Wax Candle Ghettoblaster

Set the mood with this bass-heavy romance juice-loosener. Edition of 12.


DTBOI ‘Parfum de Mémoire

Special edition collab with a Sicilian family of master soap-makers, a perfume that evokes both loss and remembrance.


South Dorset Salt Container

Stash that sodium chloride with pride and irreverence. A one of a kind ceramic daydream.


Festive Gnome

Get fresh on that yuletide flex with this lightweight and versatile plaster of Paris companion piece.


KN95 Quadra-Quilt Face Accessory

Hand-stitched from breathable Econyl, quilted utopia for a dystopian world.


Namibian Herb Sifter

A unique ethnic throwback, with handle and original markings. A one-off piece to compliment your kitchen setup.


1910s-style Copper Cafetière Throwback

Complete that pre-dawn roasted-arabica injection with subtlety and a twist of innovation.


Néo-Grec Nude

Set any shelf on fuego with this tasteful torso chiselled from Peruvian andesite.


Coffee Grain Brush

A limited edition accessory whittled from Oregan Ash, aluminium and badger hair. One for the amateur caffeine enthusiast.


15mm Ratchet Spanner

A titanium alloy rear axle saviour. Lightweight and versatile, the bike tool par excellence.


Ancient Cypress Block

A versatile coffee table accoutrement from the ancient and somewhat playfully named Fitzroya cupressoides.


DTBOI loo-roll

Double-quilted aloe-scented sheets recycled from Georgian birch, tend to your intimate regions with panache.

£14 (pack of three)

Maté and Bombilla

A hand-fashioned gourd for the intense yerba maté of the Argentine Pampa. Feel at one with the Campo.



A waxed twine double-spun from henequen yarn, light and ultra strong.


24 karat gold Yardie chain

Ice cold accoutrement smelted from Ethiopian white gold, a touch to usher the new year in in style.


London Plane leaf Autumn ’23 collection

A memento from the year that was, a meditation on the unrecuperability of time.


Dinner with the Author

An evening à deux with dropthebeatonit, close company and intimate conversation on an array of subjects.


*covers all expenses, chauffeur pickup, aperitivi, award-winning fine-dining, private members club, complimentary apples

All purchase enquiries contact [email protected]