Me and my mate Alfie made a part-time job of chatting garbage round a kitchen island for most of our 30s and finally decided to get real. A couple of mics and pretentious leather armchairs later.

Enter the drop-IN sessions.

The podcast arm of dropthebeatonit, where we right the world’s wrongs for half an hour on an array of dazzling subjects, from relationships to life stages to fizzy water to regret. It’s all here.

Most recent episodes are below.

The ins and out of spending time alone, is it healthy, is it unnatural, is it impossible.

What is regret. A way of sugar-coating the past. Or a folorn way of thinking what if I’d done it differently. Hindsight is a beautiful thing.

Ghosting. Getting abjectly discarded by a member of the opposite sex by text message or lack thereof. We hash it out. Is it our problem, or a societal thing at large.