The podcast arm of DTBOI, we right the world’s wrongs on an array of dazzling subjects, from relationships to life stages to fizzy water to regret.

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Is bigfoot real or just some hairy overweight dude who wants to be alone. Where mystery lurks mysterious theories abound, we go in off the deep end.

Is our existence a To Do List we tick off en route to the grave, or more like a rodeo of abject chaos we hang onto for dear life.

The far too middle-aged conundrum of where to spend our lives is upon us. The endless nights of the Smoke or the unending peace of the Stix.

When is it okay to lie. When is the truth seriously uncool. Does anyone really care as long as they get to keep their feelings in check.

We hash out the pros and cons of the internet through the medium of an online platform called Quora. Is the web a plus or more like the root of all evil.

Friendship, the one facet of human connection that hopefully doesn’t bust our balls. Which is why we like it. But what can we ask of it. Do we even need it.

Alfie goes in and quizzes me hard on what living with depression for the last two decades has felt like.

Smiling at a stranger in the street, the spice of life or grounds for a restraining order. Or the risk we have to take to change the world, maaake it a better plaaace.

How did it get so late so soon. We discuss the tricky cul de sac of our 40th year and wonder if it’s actually a blessing in disguise.

An ode to the parentals, an analysis of their faults, a merciful olive branch to say thanks for making us after all. The gift of life can’t be all bad.

I get taken to the cleaners for my ardent belief in a girl that doesn’t exist. Everyone needs a short sharp hit of reality now and then. But how boring is that.

We delve into the murky waters of obsession. When is it fun, when is it vital, when does it get restraining-ordery. We think we have obsessions, but when do they have us.

Ghosting. Getting abjectly discarded by a member of the opposite sex by text message or lack thereof. We hash it out. Is it our problem, or a societal thing at large.

What is regret. A way of sugar-coating the past. Or a folorn way of thinking what if I’d done it differently. Hindsight is a weird one.

The ins and out of spending time alone, is it healthy, is it unnatural, is it impossible.