This could be the best gif I’ve ever seen.

Let’s investigate in more detail.

1. For starters whatever the hell this guy is on is beyond me, but his heart rate would knock humming-bird bpm out the park. Whatever he’s taken, I’m in. No tune is that good.

2. My man Wilma pointed out he’s actually wrapped a bit of cloth around the bar for maximum grip, while he goes ape-shit.

3. My mate Phil just pointed out another worrying incidental. He has a wedding ring on.

4. While everyone goes batshit crazy, clock the guy in the background standing completely still. He’s having a good time. Hey, he could be deaf.

5. But the pièce de résistance of this marvel is without doubt the woman next to the main event.

6. She is the main event.

6. I mean, what on earth is going on with her MOUTH.


8. No-one needs to chill a bit.

9. The world needs to make a concerted effort to be more like this.