The morose slide into winter has its plus sides. As our libidos fall like the leaves that litter the grey wet pavements of our city, this time of year is far from all doom and gloom. It marks the return to prime time television of the main man.

G r e g g  2  G’s  W a l l a c e

Some worried he might be losing his edge.

But a nation’s collective sigh of relief dropped temperatures last night as Gregg tore up the script again, reminding us all why when it comes to sheer entertainment and raw class no one even comes close.

At one point he made his intentions about a quinelle absolutely crystal. 

It looks like Gregg has turned over a new leaf since his last fairly public appearance when he decided to beat the shit out of someone at his own charity do.

Princess of porridge and DTBOI fangirl Alex ran into him at a food fair the other day and lensed this keeper especially for me. Yes Alex. And this now means by the six degrees of separation rule I’m only one away from him. 

Masterchef is on pretty much until Christmas. After 6 weeks of intense competition I’m always in awe of how the judges still find a way to narrow it down to a single Masterchef champion.

When Gregg’s involved, everyone’s a winner.