Regina Spektor sums the thing up so perfect it makes you think after all it was her barking orders at the Big Man when he went off on his 7-Day bender to bring the whole thing into existence back in the day.

This is how it works.

You’re young until you’re not.

You love until you don’t.

You try until you can’t.

You laugh until you cry.

You cry until you laugh.

And everyone must breathe…

Until their dying breath.

This is how it works.

You peer inside yourself.

You take the things you like.

And try to love the things you took.

And then you take that love you made.

And stick it into someone else’s heart.

Pumping someone else’s blood.

And walking arm in arm.

You hope it don’t get harmed.

But even if it does…

You’ll just do it all again.


Regina means Queen.