Jai Paul is a genius.

But having released two of the most incredible tunes in the history of music, he’s now displaying a similar aptitude for disappearing off the face of the earth. For one of the most sought-after producers on the planet to have zero presence, like none, in this day and age is kind of fascinating, like playing a protracted game of hard to get with a girl who’s obsessed with you. I’m in. I’d marry him tomorrow. Without even telling him to get a new haircut.

Check out musical featherweight Caribou talking about his tune Jasmine.

To make things a little more interesting and also more of a ball-ache, him and his little brother AK have come up with a music platform called the Paul Institute. Some 80s style cryptic webpage with sound effects which you can only access by giving them your phone number, at which point they send you your own personal password by text, and then you’re in.

Cool huh.

Well I’ve lost my freaking password. So I can’t get inside.

So I can’t listen to any tunes.


Luckily his little brother AK Paul is a little more prolific – maybe three tunes in the last four years – and less hellbent on doing his best Frodo with the Ring of Power on impression, so if you try hard enough you can access the music without needing to remember some password. From a place in the far-off depths of the Milky Way where he resides, gazing seductively back at the earth upon the setting of the sun, he just dropped some absolute fire called Watchin U.

Without a PhD in advanced computer hacking downloading it onto your desktop is a problem, but you can inbed it. And seeing as your collective happiness is my delight, here it is. For your weekend delectation. To melt through your headphones over a first sip of organic cider, to pump to the max as you scythe through traffic on your piece of crap Santander, to waft through the bedchamber as things get steamy and smoothed-out and melodic and morph from the realms of the mental to the physical. 

Bedchamber music.