From my armchair I nurse a glass of just-sodastreamed refrigerated tap water and exhale the breath of time immemorial and as the evening clock strikes seven I turn on the Channel 4 news. And I see people bobbing about in whirlpools of political terminology, hanging themselves by their colourful ties, forgetting the real issues at stake.

Take the fall of the Berlin Wall for example. Throw the end of Communism at me, the pulling back of the Iron Curtain, the rise of democracy, the collective clenched fist of a city at breaking point after three decades of subjugation, but let’s be honest now.

Let’s look a little closer.

The Nike Air Flight Hi’s.

Oh gawsh.

This is 1989.

This is no re-release. 

We’re talking OGs.

No construction in history was going to withstand the weight of footwear that heavy.