Not Stomach Enough for Mains

Introducing Bitesize the short-form arm of dropthebeatonit

The above, a direct quote from an anonymous but no less reliable source, was simply par for the course from the fanbase back in the noughties.

What with Craig David’s fall from grace and 9/11, the decade was an odd time for everyone. Bringing much needed solace to dwindling attention spans, before it got all opinion-piecey, dropthebeatonit was just a bunch of random nonsense.

A lot of people preferred it.

Like a B-rate instagram without the brunch photos. It felt wrong to let all that superb content die, so here’s the cream of the crop in a new section called…

short-form crudités for the dipping

Think inspirational quotes, character assassination, incredible gifs, thought-pieces on mate’s mums, pop-culture references, regular hits of dopamine, but without the social anxiety or product placement.

And the chicken game.

All of this just the other side of an evanescent click.